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The nature of our name- Ponopono

The Hawaiian word Pono means goodness, excellence, well-being, welfare, benefit, proper condition or nature, beneficial, successful, perfect order, etc. Using the term twice indicates something is doubly balanced, right, or sound.

Have you heard the term Ponopono before? No, we're not talking about the portable music player. We are referring to the popular prayer process called "Ho'oponopono." 1 An ancient Hawaiian practice of forgiveness and reconciliation. It goes beyond prayer. It's a process of making things right in your life, and ancient Polynesians believed it could clear karmic energies. It's taking responsibility for everything that happens in your life. It was popularized as an adapted version by Joe Vitale and Dr. Hew Lin in their 2007 book Zero Limits. Today you can attend conferences on the subject or even get certification on applying the process. Today you can search Kindle, YouTube, and other social media sites and find numerous examples of the prayer at work.

The prayer is a simple four-part process of repeating - "I'm sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you, I Love You."

The process comprises of saying these words over and over.

Mean them.

Feel them.

Step 1: Repentance – I'M SORRY

Since you are considered responsible for everything in your life and thoughts, even if it seems to be "out there," feeling sorry comes naturally. It can be painful. By taking responsibility for what is happening in your life, you can correct it.

Step 2: Ask Forgiveness – PLEASE FORGIVE ME

The one that needs the most forgiveness is yourself for your part in your life story. So, make amends with your higher self and the universe. All else will fall into place.

Step 3: Gratitude – THANK YOU

It doesn't really matter who or what you're thanking. Thank your body for all it does for you. Thank you for being the best you can be. Thank God. Thank the Universe. Just keep saying THANK YOU.

Step 4: Love – I LOVE YOU

Say it to your body, to the air you breathe, to the house that shelters you. Say I LOVE YOU to your challenges and lessons. There is nothing as powerful as Love. Every time you look in the mirror, tell your image that "You're beautiful. I love you."

These are some of the most powerful magic words. By making them part of your life, you can draw the best of what you want. You are cleansing the energies that are brought into your life. Any time someone asks how you are, reply, "I'm not great, but I'm grateful." Focusing on the truth will cancel out the negative programming we all do. It will draw to you that which you truly desire.

I'm sorry, and please forgive me if you don't find what you need here. Let me know how I can help. I'm thankful that you are here. I love you for being who you are—blessings and health to all who come here.


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