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Alkaline -Essential for preventing Disease

Photo by FitNish Media on Unsplash

When the pH balance inside the body is 'out of balance,' the body tries to self-correct. There are a whole host of symptoms indicating your body is trying to put itself back in balance. These include allergies, colds, flues, and, if left unresolved, even diseases.

All parts of the body can be impacted by improper pH; even some forms of mental illness like depression can be caused by low balance. Cardiovascular complications can represent some of the more severe complications cases by insufficient pH levels. Strokes, high blood pressure, and even muscles can be affected, leaving us with a lack of energy and feeling fatigued. It can even cause premature aging!

On the reverse, a body in balance can correct an improper diet's negative impact and reach proper functioning, including weight levels.

Adding more alkaline foods to your diet is a great way to take small steps in the right direction. Even small changes can start to show positive improvements on which you can continue to build on. The idea is to incorporate herbs, vitamins, minerals, and water to bring the body more alkaline and see the benefits through better health, increased energy, and vitality. An Alkaline diet will neutralize acids and remove toxins from tissues, cells, and lymph nodes.

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Ways to increase Alkaline in your diet:

1) Reduce sugar consumption. Try replacing these with maple syrup, monk fruit, or coconut nectar.

Photo by PHÚC LONG on Unsplash

2) Avoid processed foods. Try replacing condiments with homemade versions like dressings made from yogurt instead of the highly processed and packed full sugar versions. Buy fresh fruits and vegetables.

3) Heat foods on the stove or in the oven. Avoid microwaving your food.

4) Remove fried and fast foods from your diet. Consume meats and dairy sparingly.

5) Fresh fruits and vegetables are a key component of a balanced diet. Try eating fruits instead of toast or cereal for breakfast. Try incorporating a salad before or as a side to your dinner.

6) Grains are essential in maintaining the body's alkaline balance. According to the Department of Food and Science and Nutrition at the University of Minnesota, determined whole grains' consumption reduces your risk of many diseases. Grains should equal 20% of your diet allowing you to feel fuller at each meal.

7) Hydration is key. Increase your water intake. You can monitor your levels of hydration using phone apps or special water bottles that help you track this information.

Following these steps will help your body restore its natural balance. You will begin to feel the difference and see the improvement immediately. Your stamina will increase, and your mental focus and body will better fight diseases.


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