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A Life Well Balanced

Hello friends! Welcome to Ponopono Health and Wellness.

This blog was created as a site to share inspiration for living a healthy life. We bring together spice, herbs, food, and recipes with science-based information to help you heal your body. That is what we want to do, heal our bodies with the divine products of this planet.

I have spent the last 20 years working in the health care analytics space and have a Masters of Health Care Administration and am a certified professional in Health Care Quality. While I have enjoyed my time in health care, helping others, everything became very personal when I was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer just days into 2019.

My self-help passion became a personal mission to learn as much as possible to help heal my body. While I did opt for traditional medical treatment, my belief was that I could support those efforts through my actions—specifically, the activity of what I chose to put into my body and my mind. I truly believe that nature can heal, and this blog was created to explore that notion. With the help of nature's medicinal properties and spiritual discipline, I have had a complete response and am now cancer-free. I would like to share what I have learned along my journey and continue to share new ideas. I am excited you are here to share this journey with me and look forward to getting healthier with you along the way!


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