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Siemens Connexx 6.4 Download VERIFIED

free trial demo available or you can purchase a license with just a few of the following: ata, dra, dst, drg, egg, ehs, fs, lz, nal, nt, pss, rp, rr, srs, sse, smr, snr, str, and us. the user manual is available in english. the manual indicates that it has been updated to version 10.

siemens connexx 6.4 download

only after it has installed a licensed version of connexx 6.4 can you access the manual. without the manual, the functions and options of the audiometer are not readily available to be viewed and understood. when the ms outlook template is added to the program, it may make certain aspects much easier and intuitive. connexx 6.4 review: is this software the best audiometer you can buy today?

with the release of connexx 6.4, the calculator was also upgraded to version 9.0. the program now has a 'help' button on the toolbar in both the dialogs and the main window. the screen now opens when you double-click on a button. also, the main windows is now more manageable to navigate. before you double-click on a button, your screen is not initialized with that button active. after you double-click on a button to select it, the main window displays its text on the screen. the screen re-initializes when you click outside of a button on the main window. when the main window resizes or loses focus, the dialogs are modified to fit the main window.

22 22 connexx 6.4's most significant innovation was the inclusion of epron 9.0. it makes it possible to save any statistic reported by connexx 7 or 8 or use statistics from many other products. an "auto-study" and "auto-test" functions allow the computer to create the study and test so that the subject does not know when the tests start or end.



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