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Weston Cook
Weston Cook

Pmdg 737 Activation Key

So I purchased this 737ngx 800/900 back on July 14th. No problems getting up and running. Why is it just now asking for my activation code again? I paid via paypal and did not regsiter @ the website, Suggestoins? I didnt come to my email either. I submitted a ticket.

pmdg 737 activation key

When you purchased the NGX 737 8/900 the activation code was on the same page as the download link otherwise as someone has said, log into your account, look for previous orders & the activation code will be in there.

Hello! I just purchased the PMDG NGX 737 and I am having trouble with the activation code when I select the 737 at the free flight screen it ask for an Activation code included with the game, I entered the order code that I received with the 737 add on and it is not working. Please help me resolve this issue, thank you in advanced!

I just bought the NGX for P3Dv4 and I cannot figure out how to Activate the base pack using the product key. Is it within the P3Dv4 sim or through the Operations Centre. I do not seem to be getting an activation window popup. Any Ideas?

OK I figured it out, loaded up Base 800 and input activation code. But I still get a message warning about the sim not running properly if the NGX is not loaded after a default aircraft. Can I get rid of this message somehow? 350c69d7ab



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